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Tampa hard money lending
With less than two months left until 2021 is here, you might be considering if next year a hard money loan is the best option for your funding needs. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you might want to entertain going the hard money lending route.The frequently lengthy lending process, which is...
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With less than two months left until the 2021 launch, you might be considering if next year a hard money loan is the best option for your funding needs. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you might want to look into hard money lending. The frequently lengthy lending process, which is often...
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Last month, signed contracts in Broward County proved to be greater than its neighbors according to a Miami Herald article as buyers are seeking properties with big city advantages. Recently signed contracts saw double digits increases year-over-year at Broward, a rise of more than 135 percent for single-family homes and an increase of just over 161 percent...
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Some great news has recently emerged for “The Big Guava” of the United States, better known as Tampa, Florida. According to a recent report, the city is within the top thirty of metropolises with the most valuable property. Furthermore, it’s earned second place as the city with the highest valued real estate in the state...
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Foreclosures are a popular yet risky investing venture, especially for intrepid investors that have little to no experience dealing with auction foreclosures. To minimize the risk, it is wise to proceed with a solid understanding of the risk involved. If you’re thinking about using hard money loans for an auction purchase, keep in mind some...
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In case you’re just beginning to get your feet wet with hard money loans, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the various types of properties we can potentially finance. If you’re thinking about choosing this route for your financing needs, continue reading. Are you considering purchasing residential land, make improvements, and then keeping it as a...
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Should COVID-19 be a reason for a real estate deal to fall through? A Palm Beach Post article tells the story of a buyer who allegedly reneged on a $3 million property in Boca Raton after the outbreak. Instead of letting the buyer bow out of the deal, the seller sought legal assistance, informing the...
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In case you need yet another reason to consider a Florida hard money loan in 2020, listen up. FICO is making some considerable changes to the way it calculates a person’s credit score, and it may result in prospective borrowers facing even greater difficulty in getting approved for a loan. To better assess a borrower...
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Late last year, the Wall Street Journal published an article showing how people are going dumpster diving and selling items such as electronics, books, and toys as new on Amazon to unsuspecting buyers. Because Amazon on has limited control over its third-party sellers, buyers need to be extra aware of what they’re getting. How does...
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You may make good money but you have little credit. How is such a thing possible? Perhaps you stay away from using credit cards or you only pay for things in cash. Regardless of the reason, you’ve decided it’s time to buy a home. However, without credit, how do you go about it? To find...
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