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Hard Money Loans in Tampa FL

Tampa hard money lending is here to save the day if you need quick money for a hot investment. Maybe you’re running into trouble with securing financing through the bank. If so, hard money loans may be the way to go.

Monroe Funding Corporation specializes in hard money lending in Florida. As private money lenders, we work with real estate investors in Tampa and throughout Florida. We understand the nature of the Florida real estate market and are ready to help you finance your next investment property. 

What is a Hard Money Lender?

Lenders of hard money provide short-term loans at high-interest rates to investors. Although there are many ways to get capital for real estate investments, banks generally prefer not to provide loans for short-term investments because of the risks involved. That’s why hard money lenders are popular among short-term investors, particularly novice investors who lack the capital for a sizable down payment. 

Even though some may have credit score requirements, most hard money lenders are more concerned with the deal itself and how good the investment opportunity is. So the best part about these types of loans is that they don’t usually need any credit checks or qualifications beyond the ability to repay them quickly. At Monroe Funding Corporation, we offer private money loans based not on the borrower’s credit score, but on the value of the property you wish to purchase. That means a much more streamlined loan application process and less red tape.

What Are Some Types of Hard Money Loans?

Our group of hard money lenders has experience financing various real estate projects. This experience enables us to collaborate with people or organizations looking for private capital for almost any real estate investment project. 

Compared to conventional real estate loans, a hard money loan from a direct lender allows more freedom for both parties. Work with our hard money lenders in Tampa for the chance to get finance in as little as five days in some circumstances. Here are a few examples of the various hard money loans we provide in Florida:

  • Commercial Hard Money Loans
  • Rehab Loans
  • Rental Property Loans
  • House Flipping Loans
  • Bridge Loans

A Private Lender 

There are many benefits to hard money loans. One of the most important is that they are cash and done quickly. So you can buy or fix a property fast. Another advantage in comparison with traditional loans is that you don’t need good credit or a pristine financial history. Hard money loans are a great way to get the money you need fast without waiting for a credit check. 

Quick Financing for Tampa Real Estate Investors

When the money is needed right way, Tampa real estate investors have relied on hard money loans for years. In contrast to a bank loan, approval for a loan can be a short as a few hours versus having to wait weeks. Any investor seeking to acquire a property with competing bids, Monroe Funding Corp can provide the cash.

It is easy to qualify for a Tampa hard money loan and approval is nearly instant. A loan based on assets receives approval by taking a look at factors like the property’s condition, providing investors the quick financing for projects like a fix and flip.

Why Should Tampa Investors Choose Monroe Funding Corporation?

Monroe Funding Corporation is a leading hard money lender in Tampa. We differ from other local lenders by concentrating on a couple of essential items.


Why wait months for approval? Each step of the hard money loan process can be taken care of in a week or less. As a matter of fact, if all of the important requirements are immediately met, it’s possible to receive financing in hours.

Restriction-Free Lending

There are lots of criteria that need to be met when going to the traditional lending route. Choosing Monroe Funding Corporation, restrictions are practically non-existent. We are exceptionally proud of our ability to focus on lenient borrower and property qualifications, something that is also extended to foreign nationals interested in Tampa investment property. We focus on the utmost acquisition potential regardless of property condition so borrowers receive prompt capital.

Services for Tampa Investors

Are you in need of some help with the bidding process? We will keep it simple by taking care of written pre-approval and proof-of-fund letters at no cost to you. With this approach, the seller has the confidence of knowing that you have the monetary means to provide funding.

No Limits on Transactions

We take into the account the unique needs of each client and make adjustments as necessary. We provide simple guidelines, terms that are competitive, and there are zero transaction limits to worry about. Our products are geared toward assisting clients with their long and short term needs. We provide funding centered around single-family residences, apartment communities, and commercial real estate. We’ll be happy to schedule a consultation and discuss a plan that meets your requirements.

Making an Impact on Your Investments

We are a private mortgage lender for real estate with fast and flexible loan programs that get you to the closing table quickly!

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