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Miami Hard Money Lending

How Do You Apply for A Hard Money Loan in Miami?

Acquiring investment property poses some challenges in which we help you overcome. Conventional lenders require voluminous documentation, rigorous personal qualifying and worst of all, they move too slow!

If you have the opportunity to buy at a premium, do some repairs and resell at a profit, or the chance to acquire income property with room to improve its potential gross income, our streamlined process makes you a cash bidder!

Our loan programs are asset-based if the property fits our lending criteria, you qualify.


Qualifying For A Hard Money Loan

Hard money loans are a proficient alternative to traditional financing because they are asset based and streamlined to get real estate investors to the closing table fast.

Improve your experience of utilizing  hard money lending through these steps:

  • Evaluate Your budget – Choose the terms and conditions that best suit the needs of your transaction.
  • Make sure your property qualifies – Simply make sure your property fits our criteria.
  • Determine Value and condition – An appraisal will establish value and condition and will be the main requirement of the qualifying process. Once complete, you are ready to close.

We are a direct mortgage lender. All underwriting decisions are made in house. We will pre-approve your request immediately, the same day. If you need a proof of funds letter to attach to your bid, we will provide that as well.

Leverage is king! We can fund multiple transactions simultaneously to maximize your buying power.

Our entire process can be closed in a matter of days.

The Closing Process. Our #1 question is “how does your closing process work?” This video answers this question. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel. 

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