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Florida hard money lenders
Your loan to cost (LTC) ratio should always be greater than your loan to value (LTV) ratio, assuming you are purchasing properties for less than fair market value. That’s because the investment property should be worth more than you paid for it—at least, that’s the intention. However, your LTV will be greater than your LTC...
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Hard money loans are frequently intended for particular types of real estate ventures. This may involve purchasing residential or commercial properties with the intent of renovating and selling them. For certain types of real estate investors, Florida hard money lenders can provide a solution because you can use equity in other properties to leverage hard...
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A “hard money loan” is a form of real estate-secured asset-based financing. As a short-term loan with a quick approval process that doesn’t require a credit score, it can be used for a variety of purposes. Unfortunately, hard money loans are vulnerable to a great deal of misunderstanding. Several examples of this are displayed below:...
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