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There is usually a wide selection of commercial spaces for lease or sale at the end of the year and the beginning of the new one. When the temperatures drop, the time to capitalize on property increases in importance. If your business is looking to take out one of our commercial mortgage loans in FL,...
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Many people want to own a home – if not for the pride and sense of satisfaction of having a place that is all your own, then for the investment. Buying a home is an important first step in building wealth, but mortgages continue to be something that causes people to have second thoughts.  Owning...
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If you have ever seen a home for sale with the terms “sold as-is” or “cash offers only,” the reason may not be what you think. Sellers who choose to advertise a property are giving notice to potential buyers that the property is not in good enough shape for conventional financing. This is where investing...
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Hard money loans are popular for borrowers looking to take their real estate investments to the next level. While some choose hard money loans to purchase the house of their dreams, others look to them as an investment of sorts for purchasing and flipping residential real estate. With simple borrowing options such as those from...
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Borrowing money can be a great resource for several reasons for many kinds of borrowers. Students may use them to get through school, businesses can use them to purchase essential investments, and those in real estate could use a loan from hard money lenders in Florida to flip property. There are endless possibilities and loopholes...
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When taking out a commercial business loan, such as an SBA loan or a real estate loan, you must first consider why your business is looking for funding. If you are looking for a loan just to make ends meet, that may not qualify you since lenders need to know you will be able to...
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Hard money loans are an excellent option for those looking to make a sizable investment in real estate. They offer a unique advantage to borrowers and have a much quicker turnaround time as far as the approval process is concerned since they rely on property collateral versus a borrower’s financial status or credit. Hard money...
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The bottom line when applying for a mortgage is that lenders need to see if you can pay the loan back. Most lenders prefer a traditional type of steady income, typically one that gives out a W-2 during tax return season, but that is not the only type of income that will qualify you. While...
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Securing a loan is a great step for a business to grow, add more employees, and ultimately, bring in more revenue. Every business owner dreams of the day when their business is scaled enough to meet the goals they initially set out to conquer, but this can be difficult without a loan. Understanding how Broward...
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Small Business administration Loans (SBA) are a bit more extensive when it comes to qualifications as compared to other business loans, but the government-backed loan is a great financing option for businesses due to their low down payments, long repayments terms, and competitive interest rates. You may qualify for an SBA loan through hard money...
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