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With fewer than two months remaining before the arrival of 2020, you may be wondering whether a hard money loan is the right decision for your financing needs next year. Let’s take a look at a couple of reasons why you may wish to consider hard money lending.

Hard money loans do not involve the oftentimes prolonged loan process that is often the case when dealing with a commercial bank. We have a group of investors at Monroe Funding Corporation ready to invest capital. With us, the registration and borrowing process will be much smoother than working with a bank, and you will receive punctual attention and answers to all your questions. If you need funding quickly, your best bet may be a hard money loan.

Commercial banks are cautious, and for some business activities, they may hesitate to go the loan route. A business expansion deemed too risky may be appropriate to our investors, particularly if there is a source of business income and there is equity. A type of business may be a home or company rehabilitation, which a bank may consider to be a poor loan prospect. To account for this risk, the risk taken on by a hard money lender is offset by a higher interest rate for you.

This update is by hard money loans Miami company Monroe Funding Corporation, a direct equity lender serving clients throughout Central and South Florida. We specialize in first mortgages on non-owner occupied residential and commercial property investments as well as real estate loan options. Our fast and flexible loan programs get you to the closing table quickly and professionally. For more information on hard money lenders Miami or Orlando hard money lending, please call 954-816-0388 or fill out our application.

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