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Are you seeking quick financing for a lucrative investment? Orlando hard money lending with Monroe Funding Corporation is ready to assist. Perhaps you’ve encountered issues with receiving financing with a bank. If that’s the case, hard money loans may provide the financing you need.

Rapid Financing for Orlando Real Estate Investors

If time is of the essence when it comes to the money needed, Orlando real estate investors have used hard money loan financing for countless years. Unlike a traditional loan, approval can take mere hours instead of several days or weeks. Any investor looking to procure a property with competing bids should know Monroe Funding Corp is ready to provide the quick funds.

Hard money loan qualifications don’t come with a huge list of requirements and approval is virtually instantaneous. An asset-based loan will be approved after examining factors such as the property’s status, which provides investors the money they need for projects where time is critical, like a fix and flip for instance.

Why Is Monroe Funding Corporation Right for Orlando Investors?

Monroe Funding Corporation remains a major player in hard money lending in Orlando. We focus on several key items in comparison to our competitors.


Approval should not months or even weeks. The entire hard money loan process can be done in under a week. Funds can be cleared in mere hours if all of the requirements are met.

A Loan Without Restrictions

With a traditional loan, requirements are numerous. Choosing Monroe Funding Corporation, the restrictions are almost none. We take exceptional pride in offering loans where on borrower and property qualifications are lenient, a trait that is also extended to Orlando investment property seekers from foreign countries.

Services for Orlando Investors

Perhaps you’re in need of some bidding process assistance. We do our best to simplify things by managing written pre-approval and proof-of-fund letters for free. Thanks to this, the seller is confident that you, the interested buyer, can provide the crucial funding.

Transactions Free of Limits

We adjust as necessary based on the unique needs of every client. Our guidelines are easy, our terms are competitive, and you won’t need to concern yourself with any transaction limits. Our products are meant to help clients with their long and short term needs. We provide funding focused on properties like single-family residences, apartment communities, and commercial real estate. Schedule a consultation with us and we’ll devise a Orlando hard money financing plan that works for you.

Making an Impact on Your Investments

We are a private mortgage lender for real estate with fast and flexible loan programs that get you to the closing table quickly!

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