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Did you find a great investment but you need the money as soon as possible? Hillsborough County hard money lending with Monroe Funding Corporation is here to help with those needs. Maybe you tried financing with the bank but things didn’t work out for whatever reason. Hard money loans can help where traditional banks may not be able to.


Easy Financing for Hillsborough County Real Estate Investors

When the money is needed right away, Hillsborough County real estate investors have relied on hard money loan financing opportunities. As opposed to a conventional loan, approval can take just a couple of hours versus days or even weeks. Any investor wishing to invest in Hillsborough County property with competing bids may wish to check out the quick funding providing by Monroe Funding Corporation.

The qualifications for a hard money loan don’t require a tremendous amount of paperwork, and you can be approved quickly. An asset-based loan will receive once factors like the property condition are evaluated, providing investors the quick money needed to fund a multitude of projects, including fix and flips.

Why Should Hillsborough County Investors rely on Monroe Funding Corporation?

Monroe Funding Corporation continues its reign as one of the most successful hard money lenders in Hillsborough County. Unlike competitors, our focus is a couple of key items.

Rapid Lending

We don’t think you should spend days waiting to receive approval. The entire hard money loan process can be completed in under a week. Funds can be provided in just hours provided the borrower meets all eligibility requirements.

No Loan Restrictions

Traditional loans have lots of necessary strings attached. Choosing Monroe Funding Corporation, the restrictions are few. We’re very proud of our ability to provide loans where on borrower and property qualifications focus on leniency, a trait that foreign Hillsborough County investment property seekers can also look forward to.

Services for Hillsborough County Investors

Maybe the bidding process is something you could use a little help with. We make the optimum effort to things to keep the process as stress-free as possible with pre-approval and proof-of-fund letters at no cost to you. In turn, the seller has the peace of mind of knowing you have the financing necessary to seize on the great investment.

No Limits on Transactions

Depending on the client needs, we make the necessary tweaks. We have easy to understand guidelines, we’re competitive with our terms, and transaction limits are something you won’t need to concern yourself with. Our products assist clients with needs both long and short term. Our funding is aimed largely at single-family residences, apartment communities, and commercial real estate. Make an appointment to speak with us and we’ll create a Hillsborough County hard money financing plan centered around you.

Making an Impact on Your Investments

We are a private mortgage lender for real estate with fast and flexible loan programs that get you to the closing table quickly!

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