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Florida Commercial Real Estate Loans: SBA Loans to Grow Your Business

The small business ecosystem in Florida is booming. The state of Florida continues to receive praises as one of the greatest areas to establish a business in the United States, thanks to its lovely weather, vast workforce and low taxes.  Furthermore, thriving and developing cities such as Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, and the Miami-Dade area continue […]

Understanding the Different Types of Florida Commercial Real Estate Loans 

Whether you’re in the market for office space or require funding for the next step of your business strategy, there are numerous types of commercial loans available to business owners. When it comes to picking a Florida commercial real estate loan, here are five popular options: Purchase Loans Purchase loans, as the name suggests, allow […]

Important Considerations Before Choosing a Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan

Standard commercial loans can be used to buy equipment, fund marketing efforts or solve cash flow problems. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for ways to fund the purchase or leasing of commercial property, a normal business loan may be insufficient. In these instances, Florida commercial real estate loans are advantageous. To select the […]

Florida Commercial Real Estate Loans: Three Methods for Obtaining Investment Capital

Investing in real estate can be a good way to make some money, but like with any business venture, it might require a significant amount of capital. To buy your first commercial property, you’ll need money set aside for down payment, closing costs and renovations. Here are three methods of obtaining capital for real estate […]

Four Reasons Why Hard Money Is the Best Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Option

Despite the name, hard money loans in your investment strategy are a useful tool to make buying non-owner occupied real estate easier. Below are four reasons hard money loans are reviving the Florida commercial real estate loan industry: It’s a Quick Process Obtaining a traditional commercial real estate loan is a lengthy and time-consuming process. […]

Mortgage Refinancing in Florida

Mortgage refinancing is what occurs when homeowners get a new mortgage loan to replace the one they currently have. They may do this because of lower interest rates, to reduce payments, pay off the loan earlier, and save money on their total interest paid.  Monroe Funding Corp, hard money lenders in Florida, offers conventional mortgage […]

Want to Flip a House? Here’s the Loan You can Use to Leverage Your investment

Investing in fix and flip properties can be a reliable way to make income, especially if you are looking for more flexible work and have the time to make such an investment. Flipping houses require the right planning, know-how, and access to funding. Traditional mortgages fall short when it comes to these properties, so what […]

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