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Florida Commercial Real Estate Loans: Loan to Cost vs. Loan to Value

Your loan to cost (LTC) ratio should always be greater than your loan to value (LTV) ratio, assuming you are purchasing properties for less than fair market value. That’s because the investment property should be worth more than you paid for it—at least, that’s the intention. However, your LTV will be greater than your LTC […]

The Best Florida Commercial Real Estate Loans for Commercial Opportunities

Do you want to expand your commercial real estate holdings? To support you in your endeavors, you might want to think about working with a Florida hard money lender. Private money loans known as commercial hard money loans can be used to buy various commercial asset classes. Hard money loans are faster and more flexible […]

What You Need to Know About Hard Money Lending for Florida Commercial Real Estate Loans

Hard money lending is utilized by real estate investors to finance investment projects. This type of financing is typically utilized by house flippers and real estate developers who intend to renovate or develop a property for the purpose of selling it for a profit. A Florida hard money loan is intended to help the borrower […]

Florida Commercial Real Estate Loans: Why Choose Monroe Funding Corporation?

If a conventional loan is not an option when you need money fast for a potential real estate investment, you may want to look into hard money lending. Eligibility determination is quick and painless. For quick funding of fix-and-flip projects, investors can turn to asset-based loans, which are based on the property’s current value rather […]

Florida Commercial Real Estate Loans: Advantages of Hard Money Lending

A hard money loan is an asset-based loan. This indicates that a borrower pledges tangible property as security in exchange for money. These deals frequently involve real estate investments and are comparable to short-term bridge loans. The loans are primarily used for quick access to cash and are also short- or immediate-term financings, typically lasting […]

Florida Commercial Real Estate Loans: What is a Hard Money Loan?

Hard money loans are a form of financing typically provided to real estate investors by individuals or businesses unaffiliated with traditional banking institutions. A Florida hard money lender is preferred by the investor because the loan is disbursed more quickly—generally within a week—than traditional banks, which can take one to two months to do so. […]

Common Types of Hard Money Lending for Florida Commercial Real Estate Loans

Bypassing conventional lenders, hard money loans let you borrow money while utilizing your real estate as security. Hard money loans come in a variety of forms, but they all offer lenient terms, prompt capital delivery, and significantly higher acceptance rates. Here are a few of the loans that a Florida hard money lender provides. Home […]

Florida Commercial Real Estate Loans: Hard Money vs Private Money Loans

If you’re looking around to finance your next investment property, you’ve probably considered hard money versus private money loans. Hard money loans are conventional short-term mortgages that are secured by tangible assets, whereas private money loans are sums of money provided by private businesses or individuals. The following information will help you decide which of […]

Florida Commercial Real Estate Loans: Questions to Ask When Applying for a Hard Money Loan

When you’re in a bind and unable to obtain your assets from another source, hard money loans may be an excellent tool. Although there are advantages and disadvantages to hard money lending, these disadvantages will lessen once you discover a Florida hard money lender you can trust. Before you sign your agreement, here are some […]

How to Leverage Equity in Florida Commercial Real Estate Loans

Hard money loans are frequently intended for particular types of real estate ventures. This may involve purchasing residential or commercial properties with the intent of renovating and selling them. For certain types of real estate investors, Florida hard money lenders can provide a solution because you can use equity in other properties to leverage hard […]

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