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Orlando Is Welcoming Many More Californians

According to an Orlando Business Journal article, over 150,000 people decided to leave the “City of Angels” Los Angeles in favor of the central area of Florida. In 2020, Central Florida saw more than 50,000 new residents.The Orlando metro keeps drawing the attention...

Tampa Bay Home Values Come Out Ahead

In Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, a recent survey found home prices saw an upswing. The urban and suburban areas expanded last year, but the urban center tended to surpass the suburban core. The report looked at rises in home valuation and rent rises in major metros...

A Reason to Wait to Negotiate

With investing, negotiation is a typical component in the purchasing process. However, when do you typically enter the negotiation phase? There’s a strong case to be made to wait until after a home inspection is performed. Usually, the seller(s) will be relieved once...

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