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Can a Loan Affect Your Credit Score?

Hard money loans are popular for borrowers looking to take their real estate investments to the next level. While some choose hard money loans to purchase the house of their dreams, others look to them as an investment of sorts for purchasing and flipping residential real estate. With simple borrowing options such as those from […]

Can I Really Spend My Loan on Anything?

Borrowing money can be a great resource for several reasons for many kinds of borrowers. Students may use them to get through school, businesses can use them to purchase essential investments, and those in real estate could use a loan from hard money lenders in Florida to flip property. There are endless possibilities and loopholes […]

Pros of Hard Money Lending

Hard money loans are an excellent option for those looking to make a sizable investment in real estate. They offer a unique advantage to borrowers and have a much quicker turnaround time as far as the approval process is concerned since they rely on property collateral versus a borrower’s financial status or credit. Hard money […]

Does Your Business Qualify for SBA Loans?

Small Business administration Loans (SBA) are a bit more extensive when it comes to qualifications as compared to other business loans, but the government-backed loan is a great financing option for businesses due to their low down payments, long repayments terms, and competitive interest rates. You may qualify for an SBA loan through hard money […]

Home Price Appreciations in 2021

Home prices have risen significantly in the last year for the entire country, not just Southern Florida. Appreciation and home equity go hand in hand, so as a home’s value increases, so does equity. Homebuyers are seeing more financial stability and forecasted home prices are expected to appreciate at a high rate within the next […]

4 Types of Commercial Loans

Commercial loans are the loans that money lenders and banks for businesses provide. Usually, the loans are short-term but can be permitted for renewal or extension at the financial institution’s discretion. Many businesses will use them to expand facilities, purchase materials, acquire real estate, pay off debt, and make acquisitions.  There are many types of […]

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