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Commercial Mortgage Loan Florida

Commercial Mortgage Loan Florida involves an arrangement between a financial institution and a business, large or small. Typically the loans are short-term, but in some cases, businesses may be able to qualify for loan renewal or an extension. 


This type of loan exists to help companies grow – such as purchasing equipment, making acquisitions, expanding their client base, down payments, and purchasing real estate. Commercial loans are unique to each business, and there are many ways you can receive the funding it needs to reach new heights,


Traditional Term Loans


Popular with small businesses, the advantage of this commercial loan is that there are fixed payments each month for the duration of that particular loan. Terms loans allow businesses to purchase much-needed supplies and resources, like equipment and technology, and can even help with constriction efforts for new facilities. 


Small Business Administration Loans (SBA Loans)


The federal government partially guarantees small Business Administration (SBA) loans. They are not made by the SBA itself but rather or given out by SBA-guaranteed lenders. This type of commercial loan often offers businesses better terms and can provide lower interest rates and longer loan terms. 


Real Estate Loans


Most businesses will need a commercial real estate loan to purchase property for their business. Commercial real estate loans allow for larger loans, typically ranging anywhere from 15% to 35% of the purchase price, along with shorter repayment terms and prepayment penalties.

Business Line of Credit


This commercial loan enables your company to borrow up to a defined amount with interest-only required on what has been used. A business line of credit is one of the most flexible options for businesses looking to borrow. 


Want to grow your business? Contact Monroe Funding Corp to get in touch with one of our loan specialists in Florida. Our process is quick and efficient, qualifying you to get the funding you need in only a matter of minutes. 

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