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If you’ve watched any of those flipping shows on television, you may think the flipping is a super simple process. Flipping may be popular but may not always be the best approach. In some cases, buying and holding may reap greater rewards.

No investor should proceed with flipping a house without examining the related costs. If you fail to add in the little expenditures that gradually eat away at your earnings, the projected sum will always seem lower.

For starters, consider the most obvious: the cost of the home. Knowing what the upfront costs are can give you a better idea of how these costs will affect others such as closing, for example.

The ARV will decide whether all your repairs justify the time and money, or not. Investors measure the value of a home after renovation to determine what they’ll pocket once they sell the flip to the next homeowner. Estimating an ARV for a home may require some work and planning. What repairs increase the home value? How does it stack up against similar homes?

Unless you do the right repairs on your flip you will not hit your target ARV. But how much will you shell out for these repairs? There is no single answer. Each house has different needs that vary on its square footage, the time it was constructed, and how the previous owners maintained it. Flippers may have to replace an entire HVAC system to ensure code compliance, for example, or perhaps a new coat of paint will do the job.

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