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Florida hard money lending
With fix and flip properties, time plays a crucial role. In most, if not all cases, the quicker you can flip the property, the greater the profit. How do you go about expediting the process? You may wish to start by creating a team for your fix and flip project. The members of this team...
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A common rule of thumb with flipping is ensuring the numbers are as accurate as possible. Right below that is ensuring the job is being managed properly. It’s this second rule where rehabbers sometimes run into trouble as they attempt to stick to the budget while collaborating with contractors. In a perfect scenario, the contractor...
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As we continue our efforts to be your one-stop solution for Florida hard money lending needs, we’re continually expanding our presence online and today, we’d like to tell you more about our new sister site. The new Florida Hard Money Lending website is an extension of Monroe Funding Corporation, albeit on a smaller scale. As soon as...
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A national lender may seem like the right decision to make if you’ve opted to go the hard money lending route, but there is a world of difference when you stay local. To a national lender, you’re likely an account number. With local lenders, you have a potentially invaluable resource. For starters, a local hard...
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As an intrepid investor, your net worth is determined by your network to a large extent. You will need to build relationships with colleagues and those who share similar goals to grow and expand. How do you break the ice if you’re not a social butterfly? Here are a couple of tips. Think about arriving...
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If you’re facing financial struggles, you may think there are few options available to you. However, if you’re a homeowner, it may have considerable equity that may help with making ends meet while you get back on your feet provided you use the equity wisely. Your home’s equity may prove to be of value via...
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When trying to purchase a property through a conventional route, one’s credit history needs to be near perfect to receive approval and a favorable loan rate. However, to build credit one must create temporary debt, so what do you do if you prefer to use cash as much as possible and only use credit as...
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Fraud is common in the financial industry, and hard money loans are not immune to fraudulent practices either. If you’re thinking of choosing a hard money lender for your next investment to purchase, there are a few things to watch out for. Extra fees. Yes, a hard money loan will have fees attached to them,...
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