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Florida hard money lending
Sales of single-family homes and condominiums are seeing considerable rebounds following the shutdowns that complicated spring transactions. Florida’s median home prices also continued its upward streak for a 103rd straight month during July, based on Florida Realtors’ monthly report.The closing sales of 31,000+ Florida single-family homes in July was an improvement over just over eleven...
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Foreclosed homes being sold as real-estate owned (REO) by a lender may be purchased at a reasonable price, although there could be some pitfalls. It’s the same scenario for real estate investors that are thinking about purchasing a foreclosure at the courthouse. Taking into account these possible problems, you might end up paying an excellent...
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South Florida real estate continues to get enormous interest from foreign nationals. These individuals typically keep a home in the United States on a part-time basis but retain their citizenship in a different country. For a multitude of reasons such as a bank being unsuccessful in income verification or insufficient credit, securing a conventional loan...
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There are typically two simple yet distinct options to pick from when an investment property is involved: rent or sell. Should you choose to sell, it is usually considered a solution for the short term, whereas renting is a tactic for long-term investors. Both options have advantages and disadvantages and one could be a wiser...
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Part of achieving success as a real estate investor is having a clear-cut list of criteria as you explore the market. While there is certainly a lot more involved in the process, a few essential, well-defined criteria provide a solid foundation to potentially maximize profit and deal with changes. It starts by identifying the type...
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If money is required quickly for a much shorter period than a traditional loan, a hard money loan is a viable alternative. Borrowers also prefer a hard money loan, as we have mentioned in the past, when they wish to buy a property for “patch and sell” purposes. Some of the factors surrounding the loan...
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Short term rentals have been significantly affected by COVID-19, making it trickier to do effective real estate investing. Many of these properties rely heavily on travel which has largely ground to a halt. To respond to this, it may be worth exploring a change in strategy. For example, right now healthcare professionals remain on the...
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Despite the coronavirus concerns, a recent Forbes article presents some interesting observations regarding the southeast Florida real estate market. According to the author, this particular area should see “robust” recovery once the pandemic is over and the economy has stabilized. It’s expected that the demand for housing is likely to recover quicker compared to that...
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As COVID-19 puts a strain on economic resources, you may have heard that now is the time to have cash ready to invest properties. Experienced buyers realize that prospects occur during times of crisis, but when searching any of these assets, the wisest ones know that there are challenges to overcome. In a downturn, there...
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If you’ve watched any of those flipping shows on television, you may think the flipping is a super simple process. Flipping may be popular but may not always be the best approach. In some cases, buying and holding may reap greater rewards. No investor should proceed with flipping a house without examining the related costs....
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