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hard money loan application
Previously we took a closer look at bridge loans, another type of option available to those that are “in between” properties. If you’re on the fence about them, let’s explore a few reasons why they may work for your needs. Time is critical when it comes to deals. If a lender is taking its time...
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The simplest way to define a bridge loan is as a short-term loan providing temporary financing until a permanent financing solution can be secured. These types of loans provide quick financing and they allow a prospective property owner to borrow against the equity in an existing property in order to finance the purchase of a...
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One of the most common reasons investors choose hard money loans is time. Hard money loans close significantly faster than a traditional loan, which can take months. A hard money loan, on the other hand, can be approved in a matter of weeks. Savvy investors know that time is of the essence when lucrative real...
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When upgrading a property for maximum return on investment, bathroom remodels are arguably among the safest and most valuable bet, in terms of interior investments anyway. Whether it’s a project you intend to do yourself or whether you’re planning on hiring a professional, there are some points to consider before tackling a bathroom remodel. A...
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