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Miami hard money lending
  A prospective investor may come across a potential investment property only to find they are unable to secure the financing they need because of their credit score or lack thereof. If your credit is stopping you from receiving the funding you need, perhaps a re-evaluation of strategy and obtaining financing from Monroe Funding Corp...
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Fraud is common in the financial industry, and hard money loans are not immune to fraudulent practices either. If you’re thinking of choosing a hard money lender for your next investment to purchase, there are a few things to watch out for. Extra fees. Yes, a hard money loan will have fees attached to them,...
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Conventional financing may be the go-to option, but there are certain situations where choosing private money lending makes more sense. Let’s explore a few of these. Cash needs. Investors that are interested in properties that may be in distress or foreclosure will have a greater bargaining edge if they have the flexibility to make an...
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