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Real estate in South Florida continues to earn a tremendous amount of attention from foreign nationals. These are people who maintain a part-time residence in the United States but remain citizens of another country. Obtaining a traditional loan may prove difficult for these people for reasons such as a bank not being able to verify...
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If you’re just getting started with the world of hard money lending, you may be wondering whether an uptick in federal interest rates will affect the rates for a hard money loan. To put it simply, hard money loans rates are affected by supply and demand. Supply and demand play a pivotal role when it...
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A goal shared by many investors is snagging a great real estate deal. To achieve that, however, there is a significant amount of due diligence required to ensure that the deal is, in fact, a good one. With that in mind, there are simple ways to spot signs that may sway you to think twice....
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Land loans tend to be an area where conventional lenders may show some degree of aversion. These types of loans are considered trickier to value based on the location and they are also considered riskier. In most cases, land loans will not go beyond 50% to 65% maximum loan-to-value unless the land happens to be...
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The lending landscape has changed considerably from all systems go to loans requiring some more investigation before proceeding. Informed mortgage brokers can set themselves apart and assist their clients in securing new construction loans by choosing a private or hard money lender. If a hard money construction loan is something you’re considering as a broker,...
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When applying for a conventional mortgage, it’s fairly simple to keep track of existing interest rates while having a largely solid foundation of what to expect. With hard money loans, however, they can be trickier to predict. They do have some factors that considerably affect the loan you’ll ultimately receive. Let’s take supply and demand,...
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Are you looking to beef up your commercial real estate portfolio? You may wish to consider a hard money lender to assist you in your efforts. Let’s consider a few reasons why. Quick commercial loans. We’ve mentioned in the past that the traditional bank loan approval process can be lengthy and quite involved in regards...
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