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Rental properties can provide steady income but as with anything else, there are hidden costs that may derail your profitability. For purposes of this blog, however, we’re concentrating mostly on the people aspect and what you should be aware of. For starters, make sure the people that you’re collaborating with are individuals that can be...
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When obtaining hard money loans for rehabbing projects, you want to make sure that the upgrades you’re making are aimed at maximizing your ROI. Along with the kitchen, a bathroom remodel may also yield good results. You can keep the upgrades within budget by concentrating on a few key areas. Stepping into a bathroom, one...
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As an investor, one of the people you’ll be dealing with most often is arguably the seller. During the buying process, there are steps you’ll want to avoid to ease the process and become a more effective investor. Let’s start with concentrating too much on non-sellers, for example. You’ll want to focus your efforts on...
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Hard money loans can be highly effective when you need quick financing for a fixer-upper. However, these properties are always risky as they could prove to be a money pit. There is no home warranty and all renovations are your responsibility. Hence, it’s important to be aware of the signs. Pay close attention if a...
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Monroe Funding Corp is a direct mortgage lender that provides Florida with a variety of products to meet the real estate investors’ needs. Customers benefit from flexible terms and conditions that are customized to satisfy requirements for any 2020 long or short-term requirements. A 2020 hard money loan can be a major tool in boosting...
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Some big news emerged last week involving real estate listing. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) announced its decision to ban “whisper” or “pocket” listings from the multiple listing service (MLS). With this ban, MLS participating brokers must submit listings to the MLS in at least one business day once the property is being marketed...
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Based on assets, hard money loans are secured via private investors or businesses through property. Monroe Funding Corporation has an extensive history of funding acquisitions for real estate investors rapidly. A hard money loan can be overwhelming to someone who has never used this approach, but as long as you take a couple of things...
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Traditional mortgage lenders may require you to go through several hoops if you’re interested in purchasing a condo. Besides the general qualifications, they may also take a close at the condo association. Because condos remain popular as rental purchases, a high rental condo occupancy may cause difficulties if you wish to purchase a unit to...
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Ever since the issues with the housing market circa 2008, traditional lenders have upped their mortgage lending requirements substantially. If you have defaulted on a previous loan, if you have unpaid credit card bills, if you owe child support, collections, unpaid property taxes, all of these and more can prevent you from receiving loan approval....
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Flipping a property when the time is right can reap significant rewards, anywhere from a ten to fifteen percent return on investment in some cases. Flipping combined with the flexibility of a hard money loan presents a great opportunity to become acquainted with real estate investing and construction. With a few tips, you can potentially...
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