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Now Is the Time to Consider Buying Naples Real Estate

Among the most talked-about subjects in Naples real estate, this season is the shockingly low inventory levels. Several customers are on the fence, waiting for inventory to become available. As a result, seller trust and buyer-friendly rivalry are growing.

Some markets can deal with inventory offload in mere hours, but in Naples, many people like to relax with a cup of coffee, catch up with friends, head to the pool, play a game of golf, have a delicious meal, and then concentrate on the paperwork. The fact that so many homes are selling so quickly demonstrates demand and the importance of keeping tabs on the market.

Buyers may be hesitant to purchase a home without seeing it first. This form of buying is, however, often favored by a greater number of buyers. Those buyers who aren’t happy flying or shopping from afar would be seriously disadvantaged.

Hundreds of thousands of listings are being stared at any one time. Buyers who wait until after-season can end up paying more as a result of their hesitation. That is if they can find something to buy A strong economy and bad winter weather are the best fuel for Naples real estate demand.

Have you found that there aren’t as many open houses in Naples as of late? Many brokers are avoiding throwing open houses for a variety of reasons, including properties that are already under contract and tight showing schedules.

Should you have any questions about Naples real estate or Florida hard money lending, please contact us.

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