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Seeking Real Estate in a Highly Competitive Market

Buyers are hovering around open houses, quickly igniting bidding battles that send prices through the roof. Thousands of would-be homeowners are becoming more disappointed as they watch homes disappear from the market practically in an instant. What is the best way to win at this game with the backing of Florida hard money lending? Here are a few moves you might take.

Despite the competition, South Florida real estate is ripe with opportunity. A fair bargain is a good bargain. You’ll be fine if you purchase a property that you can maintain as a homestead for around five years or so. Interest rates have dropped significantly that, even though it may seem like an overpayment, as long as the ongoing bills are getting paid, the investment will more than likely work itself in your favor in the end.

Homes sell better when the supply is low but there is a strong demand. Houses are selling quickly. The higher the turnover means a decreased inventory. The homes are on the market for a longer period of time than average. The metrics currently indicate a low supply and a strong demand. The higher the turnover, the higher the appreciation.

The market is seeing low monthly availability as a result of limited supply and strong demand, which translates to greater sales activity, some of which is likely to happen beyond market price. Inventory is scarce, and homes are selling for more than they were listed for. Generally speaking, few signs seem to suggest that if you buy now, the home will decrease in value.

Remember that if you need a quick loan for Broward County hard money lending or property virtually anywhere in Florida, Monroe Funding Corporation is here to help you out.

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