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Will Home Inventory Increase This Year?

In terms of residential real estate, the crazy prices of homes even in middle-of-nowhere towns and the low inventory seem to be all anyone can talk about. The housing market has taken the country by storm and changed the way some people do real estate. While housing inventory still remains relatively low, the number has risen a bit. 

Homes for sale usually increase in the fall. Even in such a crazy home-buying market, the inventory has risen since the spring of 2021. True, the overall gain month-to-month is much smaller than before, the trend of homes for sale inventory peaking in the fall seems that it may be panning out to be true yet again. 

Buyers have more options to choose from, which means more options to choose from when it comes to big projects like flipping homes. Some people simply do not want to move but want to purchase to invest. Hard money lenders in Florida can help potential buyers do just that. 

Hard money loans can be an excellent tool for any investment strategy. They are made to streamline the acquisition of non-owner-occupied real estate, making it more accessible and efficient. Our process helps investors receive the funding they need, especially in a busy market as we have seen in 2021 to make offers faster. 

We only qualify deals based on the value and conditions of the property, and our process can happen in less than seven days, from initial approval to closing (timing is likely to vary based upon each situation). Interested in a hard money loan? Visit us online to learn more, or call us at 954.419.3539. 

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