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hard money lenders Palm Beach
We’ve worked with numerous investors seeking worthwhile acquisitions in Florida using hard money lending, and we’d like to assist you throughout the process. Once you’ve narrowed down the property you’re interested in, it’s a simple matter of providing us the address and anticipated offer price. After completing the aforementioned step, we’ll move on to the...
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The search for titles is an integral component of the closure of a vacant land transaction. Real estate investors need to be assured that there is a clear property regardless of who is selling it. This involves getting the deed and paying the money to the property’s actual owner as opposed to someone who thinks...
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A national lender may seem like the right decision to make if you’ve opted to go the hard money lending route, but there is a world of difference when you stay local. To a national lender, you’re likely an account number. With local lenders, you have a potentially invaluable resource. For starters, a local hard...
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According to the website RealtyTrac, In October, the number of properties that received a foreclosure filing in Florida was 28% higher than the previous month and 14% lower than the same time last year. Among foreclosures in Florida, De Soto County made the top of list, with one in every 556 homes being in foreclosure....
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At Monroe Funding Corporation, we’re all about offering flexible financing needs. If you wish to secure a loan using your home or property equity but banks aren’t willing to give you a chance, we can help. We’ve helped numerous individuals with situations such as being self-employed, being in between jobs, little proof of earnings, and...
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Owning a property is a goal many strive to achieve yet for many, this dream goes unfulfilled because of the stringent requirements to receive a mortgage. Most borrowers are denied and a recent Reader’s Digest article seems to reinforce that Florida is among the states where denials are much more common. Four different cities in...
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