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There is the common term “hard money” which most people are familiar with and then there is “soft” money, which may not seem quite as familiar. These two share a few similarities, but there are also significant differences. Let’s take a brief look at the two and how they may affect you as a borrower....
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When it comes to an investment property, there are typically a pair of options to choose from: rent or sell. Selling is generally considered a short term solution while renting is a long term investor strategy. Each option has its pros and cons, though one may be a wiser option for you than the other....
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Hard money loans remain a great choice for real estate investors that want to take advantage of the many benefits associated with “fix and flip” properties. The money can be obtained quickly and the loans can be paid back in months versus years. How do you find these lucrative properties? It’s easier than you may...
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We’ve mentioned a couple of reasons why people choose to go with hard money loans, including those with poor credit, a need to close as quickly as possible, or needs involving short term financing versus the typical bank financing which takes years. There are other reasons you may not be aware of, which we’ll look...
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It’s widely known that investment property is a worthwhile way to build wealth, provided the property is being sold for a sum greater than the investment. When it comes time to move property out of your investment portfolio, there are several steps to consider to improve the odds of a greater return on investment. Start...
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Are you unsure if a hard money loan is what you need to manage your financial situation or purchase the home you been considering? There are a couple of signs that may help with determining whether you need hard money lending. You require quick money. Maybe you’re an existing homeowner and you’d like to purchase...
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A distressed property is one where the owner has defaulted on the home loan. Several years ago, a number of home sales fall under the category of distressed sales after the housing market bubble collapsed. The amount of distressed properties available is dependent on current market conditions. Distressed homes can certainly still be found, and...
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Land loans tend to be an area where conventional lenders may show some degree of aversion. These types of loans are considered trickier to value based on the location and they are also considered riskier. In most cases, land loans will not go beyond 50% to 65% maximum loan-to-value unless the land happens to be...
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The lending landscape has changed considerably from all systems go to loans requiring some more investigation before proceeding. Informed mortgage brokers can set themselves apart and assist their clients in securing new construction loans by choosing a private or hard money lender. If a hard money construction loan is something you’re considering as a broker,...
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