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Are you thinking about flipping homes? You may wish to follow the unofficial rule of thumb: Investors should shell out 70 percent of the home’s ARV (after repair value), minus any required repairs. The ARV is the home’s worth after it’s been fixed up for sale. To provide an example, if a home’s ARV is $150,000, but it needs $25,000 worth of repairs, you’ll pay no more than $80,000 for it as you ‘re anticipating a profit on top of the repair costs.

Two other useful tips for house flippers:

Have a business plan in place. Flipping is far too expensive to be considered a hobby. Because of the money involved, most lenders will want the proof that you’re primed for success. Besides outlining your end goals, the business plan should also detail what you would do if things go south, how the project is being funded, and what strategies are in place in finding and flipping the home(s).

Recruit. Though you’re probably doing this for yourself, you’re going to need at least some help with certain aspects of the project. Maybe you’re more of a hands-on person versus a number cruncher. Hence, you’ll want to have someone with accounting experience. A real estate agent who can help you sell the home, a contractor if you’d rather not deal with the manual labor, these are all vital.

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