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Hard money loans Miami
Have you been considering a property to possibly fix and flip or put up a front? If so, you probably have a firm grasp of the repair work it will entail. Have you thoroughly evaluated what it would take to fund all of the repairs? Going with a hard money lender is worth exploring, and...
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Depending on your familiarity with real estate, you may have heard the term “free and clear”. If you’re new to the world of investing and real estate, that may not make much sense to you. Free and clear is simply another way of saying that the property is free of any legal attachments that may...
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Hard money loans are aimed at a specific group of buyers and owners. Just like any loan, they may not be the right choice for everyone. However, if it’s a type of loan you’re considering, it’s important not to believe the myths attached to them. For one, hard money loans are not necessarily for people...
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Real estate investing may seem intricate, yet a large portion of investors have a tendency of losing money in several different ways. If you’re still getting your feet wet with investing, be careful to avoid the following risks. Not properly budgeting repairs. Unless your intentions are to focus solely on turnkey properties, chances are you’re...
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Being able to accurately estimate repairs is a major component in building a successful rehabbing career. Profits are maximized, there is potential for greater opportunities, and you’ll be better able to choose the most lucrative projects. Investors with plenty of experience under their belts can evaluate a single-family property and determine a rough rehab estimate...
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Is your property listing sitting idly on the market without much interest despite being a lucrative investment prospect? You may have committed an unintentional mistake that’s hindering your success. The most obvious thing that may have gone wrong is overpricing. Did you try consulting with a real estate professional on what an effective price is...
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Is it worth investing in a property that requires some work or is it better to consider a turnkey rental? It’s a question asked by many investors yet the answer isn’t always so clear. What are the advantages or disadvantages? Let’s explore. If you have any experience with property renovation, you know the process can...
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An integral component of closing a vacant land transaction is taking care of the title search. Real estate investors need to be confident that the individual who is selling the property has a property that is clear. This means obtaining the deed and paying the money to the actual owner of the property versus someone...
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Here’s a potential scenario for anyone flipping homes: having to pay a commission of six percent or so on a $200,000 property. Despite the listing agent doing little other than snapping photos of the property, you now have to pay $12,000. To deal with this, you may be entertaining the thought of obtaining your real...
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Real estate prices have skyrocketed since 2012 and they may be rising faster than inflation and wages. As the price of property soars, how does a real estate investor go about snagging a worthwhile deal? It may come down to being a skilled negotiator. Consider the following tactics. Have a firm grasp on your highest...
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