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Orlando hard money lending
After a not so hot April that saw a significant drop in year-over-year sales of single family homes and condo townhomes, Florida appears poised for a major comeback. For the 100th straight month, the median sales price across the state saw increases for single-family homes as well as condo-townhouse properties year-over-year: six percent to $275,000...
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If you’ve been trying to buy Florida property, you may think it’s your chance now. Although COVID-19 has caused tremendous disruption to businesses and employment, it has generated opportunities as well. Housing demand is down, which may make you think prices have gone down.This is not the case in Florida though. Florida builders are careful....
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Since COVID-19 is forcing people to remain indoors, you may find you have a lot of time on your hands. Now is a great time to explore how you can fine-tune your real estate investing skills and become a better investor once things return to normal. A lot of people have begun using the service...
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Is taking the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach a wiser money move versus hiring a professional? It’s a commonly debated issue among individuals looking to rehab properties. As to which approach works best for you, it’s a matter of taking a couple of factors into account. For starters, what are you looking to accomplish with the project...
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During the negotiation process, whether you’re dealing directly with the seller or their agent, inspections provide an area where you can potentially stand out. However, it’s imperative that you do not overlook the importance of inspections, at least not when it comes to areas like septic or mold, for example. Let’s take the septic system,...
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Knowing how to avoid mistakes commonly made by real estate investors is fundamental toward achieving investing success. However, even seasoned investors are prone to making some mistakes that while subtle, can still have significant effects. To illustrate, let’s say you’re putting twenty percent down on a property. This money is coming out of your pocket...
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To provide perhaps the most succinct, basic explanation of what bridge financing is, it is a short-term loan that can help someone transition from an existing property or home to another. There is a lot more to it like the high costs but you can read more about that in previous blogs. What we’ll be...
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If you’re in a bind, a hard money loan will support you. Hard money loans, even if you have credit issues, are simple, affordable, and easy to apply for. If you wonder if your financial issues are going to prevent you from applying in Martin County for a hard money loan, continue reading. Hard money...
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When evaluating the long term prospects of a fix and flip project, the floor plan is just as important as any potential physical issues you may come across. A house needs a relaxed and logical flow while appealing to potential buyers. This includes things such as the size of the room and its location, as...
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