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You’ve secured the hard money loan funds for a fix and flip. As an investor, time is of the essence as it can affect the bottom line because of factors like loan interest payments, changes in the market, or property taxes. Furthermore, the project risk increases as time passes between its purchase and sale. How...
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Hard money loans remain a great choice for real estate investors that want to take advantage of the many benefits associated with “fix and flip” properties. The money can be obtained quickly and the loans can be paid back in months versus years. How do you find these lucrative properties? It’s easier than you may...
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Real estate provides a wealth of different investment opportunities. Hard money lending is one of many approaches an investor can use. Hard money lenders place as strong of value on real estate as most real estate professionals do. If you are a prospective investor, you should have a solid understanding of the market as well...
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When you’re applying for a hard money loan, you may only deal with one or two people during the process. Behind the scenes, however, there may be several players that are contributing towards getting you the money you need quickly. It typically starts with the private lender who is responsible for originating the loan and...
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  A prospective investor may come across a potential investment property only to find they are unable to secure the financing they need because of their credit score or lack thereof. If your credit is stopping you from receiving the funding you need, perhaps a re-evaluation of strategy and obtaining financing from Monroe Funding Corp...
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Are you looking to refinance? You may wish to consider a hard money loan. As we’ve stated in the past, a major perk of a hard money loan is how it can function as a short-term loan. With these loans, it’s not about the credit as it is based largely on real estate value. For...
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One of the major reasons real estate investors opt for hard money loans is their convenience when it comes to fix and flip projects. Money is provided quickly, a property can be swiftly improved, and then sold for a potentially sizeable profit. For those just getting started with fix and flips, however, there is a...
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There may come a time when you’ll find yourself in a scenario trying to determine whether a hard money loan or a traditional loan is the best way to go. Should you need some assistance, the following scenarios are great reasons to give hard money loans strong consideration. Flipping. Flipping projects tend to draw strong...
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