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South Florida’s housing market is seeing lots of growth as northern home buyers seek to purchase homes with the added benefit of being able to telecommute. Although it is sellers who have the advantage right now — demand is strong but supply is low — buyers have opportunities to reap rewards. A recent report shows Florida has...
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When you’re just starting with the world of hard money lending, you might wonder if an upturn in federal interest rates would impact the rates for a hard money loan. To put it clearly, supply and demand influence hard money loan rates as opposed to federal rates.When it comes to hard money loans, supply and...
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Last time we shared how Tampa residential real estate is seeing positive results. Earlier this month, South Florida Business Journal published a story also painting another well-known Florida city in a positive light: Miami. Indeed, the “Magic City” earned a spot among the top ten of cities with the highest residential real estate in the...
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Foreclosure House Tablet Showing Repossession And Sale By Lender Based on a recent 2020 Vacant Property and Zombie Foreclosure Report, over a million residential properties across the country are currently vacant, comprising just over one percent of all homes in the United States. During the second quarter of the year, more than 258,000 were in...
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A significant hurdle that needs to be dealt with when exploring properties for sale is the possibility of a lien as they can affect the ability to sell a property and must be resolved in order to proceed with any potential investing plans. To provide a basic definition, a lien is a monetary claim by...
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Florida’s housing market recorded higher median prices and greater closed sales in the first quarter of the year when compared to 2019, while the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the state’s economy and real estate markets started to surface in the middle of March, according to recent Florida Realtors® housing data. Closed statewide sales...
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Rental properties can provide steady income but as with anything else, there are hidden costs that may derail your profitability. For purposes of this blog, however, we’re concentrating mostly on the people aspect and what you should be aware of. For starters, make sure the people that you’re collaborating with are individuals that can be...
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A common rule of thumb with flipping is ensuring the numbers are as accurate as possible. Right below that is ensuring the job is being managed properly. It’s this second rule where rehabbers sometimes run into trouble as they attempt to stick to the budget while collaborating with contractors. In a perfect scenario, the contractor...
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During the negotiation process, whether you’re dealing directly with the seller or their agent, inspections provide an area where you can potentially stand out. However, it’s imperative that you do not overlook the importance of inspections, at least not when it comes to areas like septic or mold, for example. Let’s take the septic system,...
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To provide perhaps the most succinct, basic explanation of what bridge financing is, it is a short-term loan that can help someone transition from an existing property or home to another. There is a lot more to it like the high costs but you can read more about that in previous blogs. What we’ll be...
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