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hard money lenders Miami
Hard money loans can be highly effective when you need quick financing for a fixer-upper. However, these properties are always risky as they could prove to be a money pit. There is no home warranty and all renovations are your responsibility. Hence, it’s important to be aware of the signs. Pay close attention if a...
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If you’re in a bind, a hard money loan will support you. Hard money loans, even if you have credit issues, are simple, affordable, and easy to apply for. If you wonder if your financial issues are going to prevent you from applying in Martin County for a hard money loan, continue reading. Hard money...
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When evaluating the long term prospects of a fix and flip project, the floor plan is just as important as any potential physical issues you may come across. A house needs a relaxed and logical flow while appealing to potential buyers. This includes things such as the size of the room and its location, as...
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The appraisal is an important part of the refinancing process. Investors need the reassurance that the home value is well above the refinance level. Chances are they won’t accept loans for values too close or even above the appraised value of a home. There are steps one can take to improve the appraisal process. A...
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Many homeowners look forward to the day their mortgage is paid off and their home belongs to them, free of debt. Some people may be able to pay cash for the home and own it free and clear from day one. While not many can pay cash for a home even if they wanted to,...
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Buying a home means having to make several important decisions. Among them, you’ll need to figure out how you intend to provide financing. This often means choosing between cash or applying for a mortgage. Buying a home with cash has its benefits if you have the means to do so. You can avoid having to...
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Traditional mortgage lenders may require you to go through several hoops if you’re interested in purchasing a condo. Besides the general qualifications, they may also take a close at the condo association. Because condos remain popular as rental purchases, a high rental condo occupancy may cause difficulties if you wish to purchase a unit to...
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Ever since the issues with the housing market circa 2008, traditional lenders have upped their mortgage lending requirements substantially. If you have defaulted on a previous loan, if you have unpaid credit card bills, if you owe child support, collections, unpaid property taxes, all of these and more can prevent you from receiving loan approval....
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Flipping a property when the time is right can reap significant rewards, anywhere from a ten to fifteen percent return on investment in some cases. Flipping combined with the flexibility of a hard money loan presents a great opportunity to become acquainted with real estate investing and construction. With a few tips, you can potentially...
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There is the common term “hard money” which most people are familiar with and then there is “soft” money, which may not seem quite as familiar. These two share a few similarities, but there are also significant differences. Let’s take a brief look at the two and how they may affect you as a borrower....
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