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Hard money loans Miami
Buildings near bridge and body of water Despite the pandemic, the housing market in Florida maintained its optimistic momentum last month, with stronger sales, greater pending sales, elevated median prices, and additional fresh listings versus 2019. Sales of new single-family homes saw an increase of just over eleven percent compared to July of last year,...
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There are typically two simple yet distinct options to pick from when an investment property is involved: rent or sell. Should you choose to sell, it is usually considered a solution for the short term, whereas renting is a tactic for long-term investors. Both options have advantages and disadvantages and one could be a wiser...
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Part of achieving success as a real estate investor is having a clear-cut list of criteria as you explore the market. While there is certainly a lot more involved in the process, a few essential, well-defined criteria provide a solid foundation to potentially maximize profit and deal with changes. It starts by identifying the type...
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Some great news has recently emerged for “The Big Guava” of the United States, better known as Tampa, Florida. According to a recent report, the city is within the top thirty of metropolises with the most valuable property. Furthermore, it’s earned second place as the city with the highest valued real estate in the state...
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Foreclosures are a popular yet risky investing venture, especially for intrepid investors that have little to no experience dealing with auction foreclosures. To minimize the risk, it is wise to proceed with a solid understanding of the risk involved. If you’re thinking about using hard money loans for an auction purchase, keep in mind some...
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If you’ve been trying to buy Florida property, you may think it’s your chance now. Although COVID-19 has caused tremendous disruption to businesses and employment, it has generated opportunities as well. Housing demand is down, which may make you think prices have gone down.This is not the case in Florida though. Florida builders are careful....
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In case you’re just beginning to get your feet wet with hard money loans, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the various types of properties we can potentially finance. If you’re thinking about choosing this route for your financing needs, continue reading. Are you considering purchasing residential land, make improvements, and then keeping it as a...
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Should COVID-19 be a reason for a real estate deal to fall through? A Palm Beach Post article tells the story of a buyer who allegedly reneged on a $3 million property in Boca Raton after the outbreak. Instead of letting the buyer bow out of the deal, the seller sought legal assistance, informing the...
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Since COVID-19 is forcing people to remain indoors, you may find you have a lot of time on your hands. Now is a great time to explore how you can fine-tune your real estate investing skills and become a better investor once things return to normal. A lot of people have begun using the service...
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Is taking the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach a wiser money move versus hiring a professional? It’s a commonly debated issue among individuals looking to rehab properties. As to which approach works best for you, it’s a matter of taking a couple of factors into account. For starters, what are you looking to accomplish with the project...
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