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Hard money loans Miami
Ever since the issues with the housing market circa 2008, traditional lenders have upped their mortgage lending requirements substantially. If you have defaulted on a previous loan, if you have unpaid credit card bills, if you owe child support, collections, unpaid property taxes, all of these and more can prevent you from receiving loan approval....
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A hard money loan is typically secured using real estate. This begs the question, “Is it possible to secure a hard money loan without the use of real estate?” There is no definitive yes or no to the question as it will depend on several circumstances.A fundamental way to sway an investor to provide a...
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You’ve secured the hard money loan funds for a fix and flip. As an investor, time is of the essence as it can affect the bottom line because of factors like loan interest payments, changes in the market, or property taxes. Furthermore, the project risk increases as time passes between its purchase and sale. How...
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As more people choose to go the hard money lending route versus dealing with the hurdles of a conventional loan, prospective borrowers must do their homework and avoid common mistakes. Let’s explore two of these. For starters, borrowers should have a solid foundation of how much money they need to borrow. Many private loans are...
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Real estate in South Florida continues to earn a tremendous amount of attention from foreign nationals. These are people who maintain a part-time residence in the United States but remain citizens of another country. Obtaining a traditional loan may prove difficult for these people for reasons such as a bank not being able to verify...
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When it comes to an investment property, there are typically a pair of options to choose from: rent or sell. Selling is generally considered a short term solution while renting is a long term investor strategy. Each option has its pros and cons, though one may be a wiser option for you than the other....
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Hard money loans remain a great choice for real estate investors that want to take advantage of the many benefits associated with “fix and flip” properties. The money can be obtained quickly and the loans can be paid back in months versus years. How do you find these lucrative properties? It’s easier than you may...
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It’s widely known that investment property is a worthwhile way to build wealth, provided the property is being sold for a sum greater than the investment. When it comes time to move property out of your investment portfolio, there are several steps to consider to improve the odds of a greater return on investment. Start...
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Are you unsure if a hard money loan is what you need to manage your financial situation or purchase the home you been considering? There are a couple of signs that may help with determining whether you need hard money lending. You require quick money. Maybe you’re an existing homeowner and you’d like to purchase...
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  A prospective investor may come across a potential investment property only to find they are unable to secure the financing they need because of their credit score or lack thereof. If your credit is stopping you from receiving the funding you need, perhaps a re-evaluation of strategy and obtaining financing from Monroe Funding Corp...
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