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Hard money loans Miami
During the negotiation process, whether you’re dealing directly with the seller or their agent, inspections provide an area where you can potentially stand out. However, it’s imperative that you do not overlook the importance of inspections, at least not when it comes to areas like septic or mold, for example. Let’s take the septic system,...
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Knowing how to avoid mistakes commonly made by real estate investors is fundamental toward achieving investing success. However, even seasoned investors are prone to making some mistakes that while subtle, can still have significant effects. To illustrate, let’s say you’re putting twenty percent down on a property. This money is coming out of your pocket...
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To provide perhaps the most succinct, basic explanation of what bridge financing is, it is a short-term loan that can help someone transition from an existing property or home to another. There is a lot more to it like the high costs but you can read more about that in previous blogs. What we’ll be...
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Late last year, the Wall Street Journal published an article showing how people are going dumpster diving and selling items such as electronics, books, and toys as new on Amazon to unsuspecting buyers. Because Amazon on has limited control over its third-party sellers, buyers need to be extra aware of what they’re getting. How does...
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If you’re in a bind, a hard money loan will support you. Hard money loans, even if you have credit issues, are simple, affordable, and easy to apply for. If you wonder if your financial issues are going to prevent you from applying in Martin County for a hard money loan, continue reading. Hard money...
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As an intrepid investor, your net worth is determined by your network to a large extent. You will need to build relationships with colleagues and those who share similar goals to grow and expand. How do you break the ice if you’re not a social butterfly? Here are a couple of tips. Think about arriving...
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Are you thinking about flipping homes? You may wish to follow the unofficial rule of thumb: Investors should shell out 70 percent of the home’s ARV (after repair value), minus any required repairs. The ARV is the home’s worth after it’s been fixed up for sale. To provide an example, if a home’s ARV is...
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At Monroe Funding Corporation, we’re all about offering flexible financing needs. If you wish to secure a loan using your home or property equity but banks aren’t willing to give you a chance, we can help. We’ve helped numerous individuals with situations such as being self-employed, being in between jobs, little proof of earnings, and...
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Many homeowners look forward to the day their mortgage is paid off and their home belongs to them, free of debt. Some people may be able to pay cash for the home and own it free and clear from day one. While not many can pay cash for a home even if they wanted to,...
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Traditional mortgage lenders may require you to go through several hoops if you’re interested in purchasing a condo. Besides the general qualifications, they may also take a close at the condo association. Because condos remain popular as rental purchases, a high rental condo occupancy may cause difficulties if you wish to purchase a unit to...
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