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The bottom line when applying for a mortgage is that lenders need to see if you can pay the loan back. Most lenders prefer a traditional type of steady income, typically one that gives out a W-2 during tax return season, but that is not the only type of income that will qualify you. While...
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Securing a loan is a great step for a business to grow, add more employees, and ultimately, bring in more revenue. Every business owner dreams of the day when their business is scaled enough to meet the goals they initially set out to conquer, but this can be difficult without a loan. Understanding how Broward...
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Small Business administration Loans (SBA) are a bit more extensive when it comes to qualifications as compared to other business loans, but the government-backed loan is a great financing option for businesses due to their low down payments, long repayments terms, and competitive interest rates. You may qualify for an SBA loan through hard money...
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Home prices have risen significantly in the last year for the entire country, not just Southern Florida. Appreciation and home equity go hand in hand, so as a home’s value increases, so does equity. Homebuyers are seeing more financial stability and forecasted home prices are expected to appreciate at a high rate within the next...
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Commercial loans are the loans that money lenders and banks for businesses provide. Usually, the loans are short-term but can be permitted for renewal or extension at the financial institution’s discretion. Many businesses will use them to expand facilities, purchase materials, acquire real estate, pay off debt, and make acquisitions.  There are many types of...
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Self-employment comes with many benefits. You get to create your own schedule, and you are in charge of your work-life balance, but when it comes to purchasing a home, can it help you or make things more complicated? There are currently no additional requirements that make it more difficult for the self-employed population in Florida...
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Rather than venturing out into today’s housing market, many homeowners are turning instead to remodeling their homes. It is no small feat, but with careful planning and help from Orlando hard money lending, remodeling is possible.  According to HomeAdvisor, the median cost for renovating a home last year averaged out to $46,755. Their data also...
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Medium sale prices for houses and condos in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties have slipped or stayed flat per data published by the Miami Realtors Association. Does this mean that South Florida home prices are finally calming down? The short answer – probably not. While prices have dropped – in Miami-Dade county, there was a...
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Mortgages do not have to be given out only by banks and credit unions. Some alternatives, like hard money lenders in Florida, can help you save money and qualify faster. Monroe funding corp makes it easy and headache-free to qualify for a mortgage during your home buying process.  Knowing the difference between a mortgage lender...
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South Florida’s housing market is on fire right now, making it difficult for many to find the home of their dreams. After placing bid after bid, only to receive the news it was turned down, or finding the perfect home but taking too long to act, many are turning to home building instead.  Sales for...
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